ENNEGI Services Molds and tools for Automotive market



Thanks to the technical competences acquired throughout several years of experience, ENNEGI is able to offer product co-design services.

It is always more and more important to be involved in the product design in order to reduce process problems and improve the aesthetic and quality result of the product itself.

Molds and tools are relevant to reach these targets, so ENNEGI, cooperating in the design phase, helps the Customer to choose, taking its responsibilities.


Project development

All molds and tools projects are made internally in ENNEGI by expert technicians.

This assures to acquire the lessons learnt and allow to consolidate, manage and grow its own know-how.


Tool set-up

ENNEGI is well equipped to assure the set-up of all the molds and tools produced.

It is indeed possible to check and approve the tools before the shipping to final destination.


Pre-series production

On specific request, this equipment could be used for pre-series production. Components, after validation, can be sent directly to the final car-maker.


Dimensional control

ENNEGI is also equipped with high precision control instruments as FARO and ATOS Compact Scan to scan all the molds produced. This activity allows to certify dimensionally the tools, with the original CAD data.


Reverse engineering

If requested, it is possible to execute the reverse engineering activity to get all the necessary information on an existing mold or model.

This process allows to re-create project and CAD data in order to get a simpler managing of modifications or maintenance.

Service and after sales

ENNEGI technicians are always available to offer after sales service in Customer sites.

This service could be for both scheduled or extraordinary maintenance.