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  • Forming Mold: in steel, for forming honeycomb material (Bay-Preg®). Mold is heated up with different alternatives. Diathermic oil or heating elements are the most used ones.
  • Covering and Edge Folding Mold: in aluminum with mechanic or hydraulic movements to edge-wrap the covering material all around component perimeter (Edge-Folding).
  • Checking Fixture: in resin (light) or in aluminum (full) to check dimensionally the component.

Thermoforming Technology Bay-Preg®

In the first step process the raw material is heated up in the mold already with high temperature with the different possible technologies.

In the following step, the formed Bay-Preg® part is covered with a specific mold: normally in aluminum with hydraulic movements to edge-wrap the material all around the component perimeter.

Loadfloor Forming Mold
Loadfloor Covering and Edge-Folding Mold