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Exterior Wheel Trim

  • RRIM Mold: in aluminum or steel, with mechanic or hydraulic movements to assure component de-molding.
  • Vacuum Forming Mold: in aluminum block or in aluminum casting, with water or electrical circuit integrated for heating up the mold.
  • Carbon SMC Forming and Cutting Mold: in aluminum or steel with mechanic or hydraulic movements, hydraulic ejector and Net Shape contour trim. Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound is the raw material used with this kind of tool.
  • Cooling Shell: in resin or aluminum, with forced cooling system (air or water).
  • Gluing Station: in aluminum or resin, with manual or pneumatic system.
  • Trimming Nest: in resin to cut part of the component.
  • Checking Fixture: in resin (light) or in aluminum (full) to check dimensionally the component.

RRIM - Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding Technology

Firstly a feasibility study is required to define raw material shrinkage and flow. Then mold in aluminum or steel is produced, with all the necessary movements to assure the component de-molding.

After production, it is possible to use cooling shell in resin or aluminum to cool down the component avoiding deformations.
Afterwards, gluing and trimming stations are used to finish the product.

Vacuum Thermoforming Technology

Raw material is heated up to the required temperature and laid down on mold, then sucked with vacuum for shaping it to the desired geometry.

After the molding process it is possible to use specific nest for component trimming.

Exterior Wheel Trim Forming Mold

Carbon SMC

Pre-filled carbon sheet or normal carbon sheet is laid down on tool.

Using closing force of the press, mold compression chamber shapes the raw material till the required geometry.

Exterior Wheel Trim Carbon SMC Forming and Cutting Mold