engine-repair-molds-for-automotive-ennegi engine-repair-molds-for-automotive-ennegi
  • Forming Mold: in steel or aluminium, for component thermoforming. Mold is water-cooled for pre-heated laminated material with specific ovens.
  • Cutting Tool: following project requirements, it can be done with cutting tool or with Water Jet technology, to cut all the contour of the cavity and to realize the internal holes.
  • Checking Fixture: in resin (light) or in aluminum (full) to check dimensionally the component.

Thermoforming Technology

Raw material is heated up and then formed with specific water-cooled mold.

In this kind of process, normally, the covering material is already laminated to the structure. Cut outs of the component can be done in the same mold during the thermoforming phase or, alternatively, in a following step, accordingly to project requirements.